School Facilities Commission

Draft Response to Public Comment on School Facilities Commission Rules

The School Facilities Commission (SFC) and State Construction Department (SCD) requesed the public's suggestions and comments on the School Facilities Commission Rules. This was an opportunity to submit prior to the SFC beginning the Regular Rulemaking process, so that the SFC could consider potential incorporation of any suggested substantive changes before adopting Regular Rules. Below are the comments received and the SFC's draft responses to them.

As the result of rulings made by the Wyoming Supreme Court, the responsibility for school construction shifted from local school districts to the state, which created a need for an oversight agency.

The School Facilities Commission (SFC) was established in 2002 when the 56th Legislature enacted House Bill 0043. It was created to ensure adequate and equitable K-12 educational facilities throughout the state, aided by the School Facilities Department.  In 2016, the School Facilities Department became a division under the newly formed State Construction Department.   

The Commission consists of seven voting members who are appointed by the sitting governor and approved by the Legislature. In addition to the voting members, the state Superintendent of Public Instruction serves in an ex officio, nonvoting capacity. Each appointed member serves a four-year term. 

Commission Meetings & Materials

Wyoming statute requires the School Facilities Commission to meet at least once per quarter. However, the current Commission meets on a bi-monthly basis; with meetings taking place over a  two-day period.

The first day is an informal work session where Commissioners are briefed on 1) items that will require official action and 2) items that are only being presented for informational purposes. Then, on the second day, the Commission holds a formal business meeting to vote on various action items on the agenda.

If you would like to present an action or information item to the Commission:

2024 SFC Meeting Schedule 

A typical work session begins at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesdays and on Thursdays the business meeting typically begins at 8:30 a.m.  The business meetings usually adjourn by noon on Thursdays.  If only one day is required for a meeting, the Chairman and SFD Administrator will determine that date. Each meeting will have the option of attending virtually.   All dates and locations are subject to change.    

June Meeting – Preview of SFC budget.   July Meeting – Approval of SFC budget for the Select Committee meeting in September

March 27-28

Cheyenne, Capitol Extention PMR5

Work Session & Bussiness Meeting. 

May 9-10

Sweetwater CSD #1 - Rock Springs

Work Session & Business Meeting

June 5-6

Fremont CSD #25 - Riverton

Work Session & Business Meeting

July 23-25

Big Horn CSD #2 - Lovell

Retreat, Work Session & Business Meeting

September 25-26

Natorna CSD#1 - Casper

Work Session & Business Meeting

November 6-7


Work Session & Business Meeting

2023 SFC Meeting Materials

February 16 

Business Meeting

March 30

Special Meeting 

June 27

Special Meeting