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Ten Sleep School at 50%

After decades of renovations and additions to their school originally constructed in the mid 1930s, the town of Ten Sleep in Washakie County SD2 is now at 50%  compleation on their new K-12 facility. The original school had two major additions built, in 1958 the gym, middle school, and highschool wings were added, with a new elementary wing added in 1979.  Now Ten Sleep is replacing the old piece-mealed facility with an all new one, with a target capacity of 141 students. The new school is being built on the site of the old school, which will be demolished after construction is completed in the fall of 2024. Arete Design Group is the architect on the project with Groathouse Construction serving as the General Contractor. 

The School Facilities Division (SFD) assists school districts in the assessing, planning, financing, construction, and maintenance of educational facilities across Wyoming.

As a division of the State Construction Department, the SFD works collaboratively with  the School Facilities Commission (SFC) to facilitate:  implementation of policies, guidelines, and standards adopted by the Commission; helping districts develop comprehensive, long range facility plans; maintaining a school facilities database comprised of building and facility specific information; and many other duties as outlined in W.S. 21-15-123

Established as part of the SFC  in 2002, the SFD became an independent agency in 2011 when the Legislature enacted Senate File 0110. Further legislation in 2016 made School Facilities a division of a new agency: the State Construction Department (SCD), who also oversees the Construction Management division (CM). 

Throughout its evolution, the SFD's core mission has been to provide quality K-12 educational facilities for children across Wyoming. 

Your School Districts - Our Clients 

The SFD serves a unique clientele of 48 school districts. These are home to over 92,000 K-12 students and over 26 million square feet of educational facilities.

Since 2002, the state has allocated over $3.6 billion for school facilities program, including appropriations for planning, design, construction, land purchases, and infrastructure (roads, sewers, water supply, telecommunications).

School districts are found in each of Wyoming's 23 counties. Explore the websites below to learn more about our district clients. 

To learn more about specific School projects shown below and which are currently accepting bids, please visit our SF Procurement page and view bids in Quest CDN. NOTE: Bids for Laramie County SD#1 projects are available separately here.

Annual Reports & Budget Requests

Special Reports & Studies

Capitalization & Asset Preservation Study

In October 2014, the Select Committee on School Facilities directed SFD to review current policies and practices regarding the maintenance of school facilities with the purpose of further preserving the assets invested by the State of Wyoming.

In response, SFD contracted 21st Century School Fund to develop a white paper on asset preservation and capitalization, along with an introductory brochure about the School Facilities Program. Below are links to each: