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At the State Construction Department (SCD), we work hard to provide a diverse range of knowledge and expertise in the planning, design, construction, and preservation of state buildings, community colleges, and K-12 educational facilities throughout Wyoming. We achieve this through a daily commitment to our principles: effective communication, respectful collaboration, excellence in service, continued education and training, and transparency in our work.

Established in 2016 by the Enrolled Act No. 59 of the 63rd Wyoming Legislature, the SCD is a combination of the once separate Construction Management and School Facilities divisions to better leverage their expertise. 

Please view our Strategic Plan, updated August 2023, for more details about the SCD. 

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Founding Legislation

The Wyoming State Construction Department was originally established as an oversight agency after the Wyoming Supreme Court had ruled to shift the responsibility for school construction from local school districts to the state. As a result of the rulings The School Facilities Commission (SFC) was established in 2002 when the 56th Legislature enacted House Bill 0043. It was created to ensure adequate and equitable K-12 educational facilities throughout the state. 

The School Facilities Department became an independent agency in 2011 when the Legislature enacted Senate File 0110.  And then, with the passage of Enrolled Act No. 59 in 2016, Construction Management was removed from the A&I umbrella and merged with School Facilities, thereby  creating the Wyoming State Construction Department.

Funding Legislation

Prior to each legislative session, the School Facilities Commission and SFD submit a budget to the governor and Select Committee outlining funding recommendations for capital construction projects, component projects, as well as major maintenance.

After submission, the budget proceeds through an executive and legislative review process where the original funding recommendations may be modified. Final funding requests are then included in a draft bill and presented to the entire Legislature for consideration.

Once the Legislature has approved the bill, or a modified version thereof, it is sent to the governor to sign so funds can be appropriated. State funds cannot be appropriated to school construction projects without obtaining executive and legislative approval.

General Legislation

In addition to funding requests,  bills that affect SFC/SFD policies and procedures may also be considered by the Legislature to provide direction to SCD and stakeholders.