Notices of Substantial Completion

Per Wyoming Statute 16-6-116: A public entity directing or supervising a contracted public work project must issue a certificate of substantial completion should the public entity accept the work as completed. Following the certificate's issuing, the public entity must then publish a notice of substantial completion in the nearest published general-circulation newspaper once a week for two consecutive weeks. Finally, they must either publish the notice here on this web-page or on the public entity's own official website. 

Posting your notice here will not satisfy the requirement for the newspaper notices - we have provided a sample cover letter for newspaper submissions and a list of email address to help you contact your local news paper but you will still need to send your notice to your local newspaper directly. 

The notice shall clearly state that the public entity has accepted the work, or a portion thereof, as substantially complete according to the contract and associated documents and that the general contractor is entitled to payment upon the forty-first day (and the notice shall specify the exact date) after the notice was first published and posted. Please see the following samples or the related statute for further guidance. 

Fill out the form below the Posted Notices to submit your Notice of Substantial Completion and have it posted here. 

Posted Notices

Posted Notices of Substantial Completion

Please allow one business day for submitted notices to appear here. Notices will be removed after the posted completion date.