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Information regarding construction-related procurement for Wyoming State Agencies

Effective October 1, 2020, W.S. 9-2-3001 brought the Construction Management and School Facilities construction procurement together under one roof. With this, all procurement and bidding services for construction, construction-related, major maintenance, and architects and engineers professional service projects now fall under the purview of the Wyoming State Construction Department (SCD).

The Wyoming Department of Administration and Information (A&I) Procurement is no longer responsible for these projects/services. However, A&I does retain duties for procuring supplies and services, which could include some construction-related materials.

Featured below is a brief interactive presentation that will help explain the several processes involved in construction-related procurement, and it will help determine if the procurement being sought is construction related and thereby if you should seek to procure through the SCD Procurement or through A&I Purchasing.

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