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Information regarding construction-related procurement for Wyoming State Agencies

NOTICE: Holiday Schedule

Season’s Greetings! At this time of year, everything seems to get more hectic. The State Construction Department wants to ensure that bids receive the maximum amount of attention and interest from contractors during this busy time. Therefore, following is a list of dates that the State Construction Department will not be issuing bids during this holiday season. Please remember these when setting dates for bids, pre-bid meetings, questions, and addenda during this time.

  • November 10 & 11

  • November 23-27

  • December 19-30

The entire SCD team sends wishes for a happy holiday season and prosperous New Year.

Effective October 1, 2020, W.S. 9-2-3001 brought the Construction Management and School Facilities construction procurement together under one roof. With this, all procurement and bidding services for construction, construction-related, major maintenance, and architects and engineers professional service projects now fall under the purview of the Wyoming State Construction Department (SCD).

The Wyoming Department of Administration and Information (A&I) Procurement is no longer responsible for these projects/services. However, A&I does retain duties for procuring supplies and services, which could include some construction-related materials.

Featured below is a brief interactive presentation that will help explain the several processes involved in construction-related procurement, and it will help determine if the procurement being sought is construction related and thereby if you should seek to procure through the SCD Procurement or through A&I Purchasing.

Procurement Reference Guides For Agencies:

SCD Procurement Staff

Bid Procurement Questions

Lenora Simpson - 307-777-3558

Kaylee Morrow - 307-777-8536

WOLFS Procurement - Construction Management

Opal Hunt - 307-777-8516

Laura Still - 307-777-7241

WOLFS Procurement & School Facilities Questions

Janet Garrison - 307-777-8533

Is your Agency's Procurement Construction Related?

Public Project Procurement Process

State Agency Employee SCD Public Purchase User Request Form