Capital Construction Procurement

Procurement Information for Construction Projects Funded by the State of Wyoming

Through approved legislation, all construction-related purchases will be handled by the State Construction Department beginning October 1, 2020. 

This procurement website serves as a central location for information on capital construction projects, those that are being competitively bid, and those projects that are proceeding forward under other statutory methods.

Previously, information on construction projects was provided through the Department of Administration and Information (A&I). However, in accordance with W.S. 16-6-1001 (a)(i)(E), notices regarding capital construction has now shifted to the State Construction Department.

Inquiries regarding obtaining a residency certification number should be directed to the Department of Workforce Services, Labor Standards Office at (307) 777-7261. 

SCD Procurement Staff

Bid Procurement Questions

Lenora Simpson - 307-777-3558

Jana Reutlinger   307-777-8536

WOLFS Procurement - Construction Management 

Opal Hunt  -  307-777-8516

Laura Still   -  307-286-6507

WOLFS Procurement & School Facilities Questions

Janet Garrison -  307-214-9772

CONTRACTORS: To learn more about how the SCD posts bids and how to receive notices of bids posted on our online system visit our For Contractors Page

AGENCIES: To learn more about the construction-related procurement process, or to request access to our online bid system visit our For Agencies Page.

Upcoming and Current Projects Preview

To learn more about specific State projects shown below and which are currently accepting bids, please visit our bid listing page and register with Public Purchase

To learn more about specific School projects shown below and which are currently accepting bids, please visit our SF Procurement page and view bids in Quest CDN. NOTE: Bids for Laramie County SD#1 projects are available separately here.

Most Commonly Referenced State Statutes for Procurement 

Procurement Rules