Capital Construction Procurement

Procurement Information for Construction Projects Funded by the State of Wyoming

NOTICE: The SCD Procurement section will not be receiving or posting any bids on Public Purchase from 12/20/2021 to 01/02/2022. We will resume normal business duties on 01/02/2022.

Through approved legislation, all construction-related purchases will be handled by the State Construction Department beginning October 1, 2020.

This procurement website serves as a central location for information on capital construction projects, those that are being competitively bid, and those projects that are proceeding forward under other statutory methods.

Previously, information on construction projects was provided through the Department of Administration and Information (A&I). However, in accordance with W.S. 16-6-1001 (a)(i)(E), notices regarding capital construction has now shifted to the State Construction Department.

The majority of Wyoming state organizations post their construction bid information using the Public Purchase system available through the State Construction Department, including Game & Fish, Department of Corrections, State Parks & Cultural Services, and the Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. A portal to view open bids and a SCD Public Purchase User Request form are located below.

Other state organizations post bid information on their own website or through a different service than Public Purchase, links are provided below the Public Purchase section for your convenience.

If you have questions, our procurement professionals can help:

Bid Procurement Questions

Lenora Simpson 307-777-3558

WOLFS Procurement Questions - Construction Management

Opal Hunt 307-777-8516

Laura Still 307-777-7241

WOLFS Procurement Questions - School Facilities

Janet Garrison 307-777-8533

Procurement Documents, Forms & Templates

Please download templates and fill them out using MS Word.

Procurement Notices and Advertisements

All public entities procuring contracts valued at or over $50,000 for Construction, CMAR, Design Build, or Professional Services must publish a notice for Requests for Bids, Requests for Proposals, or Requests for Qualifications in a general-circulation newspaper once a week for two consecutive weeks. Please see the contract templates above for more details regarding notices and advertising requirements, as well as this sample cover letter and contact information for newspaper submissions.

SCD Public Purchase - Capital Construction Bid Listings

Open Capitol Construction Bids with SCD

NOTICE: The SCD Procurement section will not be receiving or posting any bids on Public Purchase from 12/20/2021 to 01/02/2022. We will resume normal business duties on 01/02/2022.

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Bid Notifications for Vendors

SCD's Procurement Division has a partnership with Public Purchase, a web based eProcurement service. This eProcurement system provides registered vendors with automatic notification of SCD Procurement bids for vendor selected commodities and services based on classification codes. SCD Procurement does not guarantee electronic notification of bids. Bidders are responsible for monitoring the site, and downloading any bids of interest.

Bids may be obtained by registering with Public Purchase. All vendors must complete the registration process.

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