Construction Management

The Construction Management Division oversees the construction, renovation and major maintenance of state-owned buildings and community colleges. The division also reviews and evaluates the acquisition and sale of property for state agencies.

Prior to 2016, Construction Management (CM) functioned as a division of the Wyoming Department of Administration and Information (A&I).

With the passage of Enrolled Act No. 59 in 2016, Construction Management was removed from the A&I umbrella and merged with School Facilities, thereby creating the Wyoming State Construction Department.

The Construction Management Division reports directly to the State Building Commission (SBC) who is comprised of the state's five elected officials: the governor, who chairs the Commission, the secretary of state, the state auditor, the state treasurer, and the superintendent of public instruction. The Division Administrator for Construction Management, Mel Muldrow, also serves as the secretary of the SBC.

Current Projects

Centralizing in Casper

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In an effort to consolidate office space used by various state agencies a new centralized building is under construction in Casper.

The new complex will put all state agencies operating in Casper under one roof, ending the need to rent various offices around the city. Nearly 400 state employees will be housed in the building.

Due to the project affecting so many different state agencies, a special task force was established to provide guidance and expertise during construction.

In Honor of Wyoming's Heroes

Realizing a potential need, in 2018 the Wyoming Legislature authorized the construction of a skilled nursing center especially for veterans.

Construction began in 2020 and is progressing on schedule in Buffalo.

This skilled nursing center for veterans would be the first of its kind in Wyoming.

A New Beginning in Mental Health Care

Wyoming's new beginning in mental health started April 26, 2018, when the state broke ground on new facilities at the Wyoming State Hospital.

The project is part of a multi-million dollar initiative to modernize both the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston and the Wyoming Life Resource Center in Lander.

These updates to the facilities will help ensure that the Wyoming Department of Health can deliver quality, modern care for Wyoming citizens.

Past Projects