Bid Exception Approvals

Wyoming Statutes provide for three basic approaches to construction projects: competitive sealed bidding, competitive negotiation and noncompetitive negotiation, see W.S. 9-2-1016 (b).

Competitive sealed bidding for supplies and services exceeding $50,000 is the standard approach. Competitive negotiation is available when the administrator determines competitive sealed bidding is not feasible, and the governor or his designee also approves.

These tables provide yearly bid exception approvals for the following project categories: Capitol Renovation, General, Health Care Facilities, & Penitentiary. To view previous years, please click on the corresponding tabs below.

To apply for a Bid Exception Approval for purchases of construction items and services exceeding $50,000, please fill out the Bid Exception Approval form. *Wyoming State Employee Login Required - Non-state employees, please contact Please allow for 2-3 business days for BEAs to be approved and posted in the table below.

Capital Construction Bid Exception Approvals

Capital Cosntruction Bid Exception Approvals