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Announcements and Public Notices

Wyoming Facility Maintenance and Physical Security Conference - Event Registration

The State Construction Department is hosting the Wyoming Facility Maintenance and Physical Security Conference this November 12th and 13th at the Casper Event Center. This conference will provide education on modern best practices in facility maintenance as well as opportunities to network with your peers and workshop your successes and struggles together. This is open to all administrators, facility maintenance personnel, and contractors from school districts and state agencies to county hospitals and local municipalities and any Wyoming facility in-between. Register today!

Notice of Intent to Renumber the Rules and Regulations of the School Facilities Commission

The School Facilities Commission will be renumbering its Rules and Regulations in order to better reflect the organization of the State Construction Department and the Programs that pertain to school facilities and capital construction. In the future, the SCD will be able to promulgate rules that apply to all three divisions of the Department: Construction Management, School Facilities, and Operations under SCD’s Agency Number (027) as Program 0002.

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