Contracts - SFD

Commonly used acronyms to help you find the correct document.

CMAR: Construction Manager At Risk Contract

F&CE: Furniture & Custodial Equipment

MCER: Most Cost Effective Remedy

PSP: Professional Service Providers

RFP: Request for Proposal

SFD: School Facilities Division

Contracts - School Facilities Division

The contracts detailed below should flow in the same sequence as is listed. Items that are without download links are provided by other parties as specified in the process. Tab templates are compatible with Avery Index Maker Dividers 11556.

CMAR Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)/Final Price (FP) Submittal

  1. GMP / FP Proposal Request Letter - Dec. 2017

  2. 3A - Proposal Summary (Form to be completed by CMAR)

  3. 3B - Contract Drawings & Specifications (Form to be completed by CMAR)

  4. 3C - Exhibit F - General Conditions (Form to be completed by CMAR)

  5. 3D - Detailed Estimate Worksheet (Form to be completed by CMAR)

  6. 3E - Analysis of all bid packages in accordance with the following statutes: (Narrative to be provided by CMAR)

    • W.S. 16-6-101 through 16-6-107 (Resident Preference)

    • W.S. 16-6-1001 capital construction projects restrictions; preference requirements; waivers

  7. Assumptions & Clarifications (Form to be completed by CMAR)

  8. Allowances (Form to be completed by CMAR)

  9. Critical Path Method Schedule (CMAR Contract paragraph 1.4.9) - Form provided by CMAR