School Facilities Commission Meeting

September 15, 9 am ~ Capitol Complex, Public Meeting Room E005 & Online

Work Session & Business Meeting

Agenda ~ Meeting Packet

SFC Rules and Regulations Update Meetings

Regional Stakeholder Input Meetings:

Southeast - Monday, July 12, 9-11am - Wheatland

  • Attended by: 8 district reps from Albany 1, Laramie 1, Laramie 2, Platte 1, & Platte 2, and Senator Pappas (Chair of Select committee on School Facilities)

Central East - Monday, July 12, 1-3pm - Douglas

  • Attended by: 2 district reps from Converse 1, and Senator Pappas (Chair of Select committee on School Facilities)

Northeast - Tuesday, July 13, 9-11am - Gillette

  • Attended by: 5 district reps from Campbell1 and Crook 1, and Senator Pappas (Chair of Select committee on School Facilities).

Northwest - Wednesday, July 14, 9-11am - Greybull

  • Attended by: 8 district reps from Big Horn 1, Big Horn 2, Big Horn 3, Big Horn 4, and Washakie 1.

Central West - Wednesday, July 14, 3-5pm - Riverton

  • Attended by: 5 district reps from Fremont 1, Fremont 6, and Fremont 25, and Tom Farrens (School Facilities Commissioner)

Southwest - Thursday, July 15, 10am-12pm - Rock Springs

  • Attended by: 3 district reps from Sweetwater 1 and Sweetwater 2, and Carol Jelaco (Sweetwater 1 School Board Chair)

Thank you all for meeting with us as we traveled around the state discussing changes to the School Facilities Commission’s Rules and Regulations this last week. We had many informative conversations and heard varying perspectives from many different district personnel and board members. Thank you for hosting us and sharing your views on these issues. If you haven’t already, please fill out the brief feedback form so we can most accurately share your views with the commission next week at the July meeting.

We know that many of you were unable to attend for various reasons, but we would greatly appreciate your perspective as well. We have provided a few items to help explain the proposed changes. Please take a moment to view the Rule Change Drafts, watch this video presentation on Chapter 8, download the Capacity Calculation Worksheet to see what may work best for your district, and then let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the feedback form.

Thanks again to everyone for helping the School Facilities Commission best serve you, the school districts and educators of Wyoming.

Continued SFC Rulemaking Timeline - 2021

  • July 22, 2021 - 8 am - State Capitol Complex - SFC confirmation for presentation to Select Committee

  • September 2, 2021 - 8 am - Location tbd - Select Committee review and input

  • September 16 - 8 am - Location tbd - SFC initiates formal rulemaking

  • Sept. 17- Nov. 15 - Comment period, districts may continue to submit comments throughout

  • November 16, 2021 - Time and Location tbd - SFC public hearing and final formal approval

ESSER Funds Update Webinar from WDE

SCD Meeting Calendar

Any meetings listed here are subject to cancellation or rescheduling as required in response to the Governor's COVID-19 containment procedures.

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