School Facilities Commission

As the result of rulings made by the Wyoming Supreme Court, the responsibility for school construction shifted from local school districts to the state, which created a need for an oversight agency.

The School Facilities Commission (SFC) was established in 2002 when the 56th Legislature enacted House Bill 0043. It was created to ensure adequate and equitable K-12 educational facilities throughout the state.

The Commission consists of seven voting members who are appointed by the sitting governor and approved by the Legislature. In addition to the voting members, the state Superintendent of Public Instruction serves in an ex officio, nonvoting capacity. Each appointed member serves a four-year term.

Vision, Mission, and Principles


To provide collaborative support and leadership to build and maintain Wyoming's inventory of high quality school facilities which best serve the needs of Wyoming students.


To partner with Wyoming school districts to ensure the efficient, flexible, and responsible flow of funds to build and maintain cost-effective, adequate and equitable school facilities that best serve the needs of Wyoming students.


  • Customer-service orientation

  • Open and collaborative communication between the department and districts

  • An environment of respect and trust

  • Transparent processes

  • Responsible stewardship of state funds

  • Focus on solutions

  • Creating flexibility to achieve goals while complying with rules and statutes

Current Commission

Matt Garland - Chairman

Serves Until: 3/1/2022

Holly Dabb

Serves Until: 3/1/2024

Janet Anderson

Serves Until: 3/1/2023

Tom Farrens

Serves Until: 3/1/2023

Mike Gilmore

Serves Until: 3/1/2023

Jillian Balow (Ex Officio)

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Commission Meetings & Materials

Wyoming statute requires the School Facilities Commission to meet at least once per quarter. However, the current Commission meets on a bi-monthly basis; with meetings taking place over a two-day period.

The first day is an informal work session where Commissioners are briefed on 1) items that will require official action and 2) items that are only being presented for informational purposes. Then, on the second day, the Commission holds a formal business meeting to vote on various action items on the agenda.

If you would like to present an action or information item to the Commission:

  • Send an email request to Shelly Lovato at Your email should be accompanied by a letter that is: 1) composed on district letterhead, 2) clearly outlines your request/issue, and 3) signed by the district superintendent.

      • Due dates for requests vary from month to month.

      • If you are requesting an acknowledgement of enhancement(s), please contact your SFD project manager before submitting your request.

  • Also provide any supporting information that will help the Commission better understand the request/issue being presented.

      • Since the information you provide will be included in the SFC meeting packet, we ask that documents be submitted in an electronic format and limited to 10 letter sized pages.

      • SFD will review and forward your information to the Commission Chair for further review and final inclusion on the agenda.

  • To help ensure the Commission has time to address all agenda items, please limit your presentation to 15-20 minutes.

2021 SFC Tentative Meeting Schedule

Locations for 2021 Meetings have yet to be determined due to COVID and budget restrictions, and will likely be held remotely online. Information to join remote meetings will be posted when available. Dates are subject to change. Items added as approved by the commission

April 7, 8am - Online - Work Session

April 8, 8 am - Online - Business Meeting

Agendas - Meeting Packet

May 11-13

Planning Meeting & Business Meeting.

Preview of the Select Committee Topics and update the SFC on various topics

June 23-24

Work Session & Business Meeting

Preview of the SFC Budget

July 21-22

Work Session & Budget Meeting

Approval of the SFC Budget for the Select Committee meeting in September

September 15-16

Work Session & Business Meeting

November 3-4

Work Session & Business Meeting

2021 Meetings

February 10 & 11 ~ Online

Work session and Business meeting

2020 Meetings

September 16 ~ Online

Business meeting

November 4 ~ Online

Business meeting

December 16 ~ Online

Business Meeting

Commission Documents

2021 Rule Change Drafts

To provide us with comments, questions, or suggestions after reviewing the purposed rule changes to Chapters 1, 2, 8, 9, and 10 please fill out the feedback form located below and linked here.

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Chapter 2: Rules of Practice and Procedure for Contested Case Proceedings

Chapter 8: Criteria for Identifying and Prioritizing Remedies, and Establishing Project Budgets

Chapter 9: Implementation of Remedies and Project Management

Chapter 10: District-Initiated Elements, District-Initiated Projects, and Local Enhancements

Chapter 3 Uniform Adequacy Standards

The permanent rulemaking process for the Chapter 3, Uniform Adequacy Standards Rules and Regulations is currently underway. The public comment period began March 14, 2021. To provide public comment or obtain copies of the proposed rules, please go to the Wyoming Administrative Rules System: and use the advanced search for proposed rules. The public comment period ends April 28, 2021. A public hearing on these rules has not been scheduled.