Bid Center

This bid center provides information on capital construction projects, which of those are being competitively bid, and which of those projects are proceeding forward under other statutory methods.

Wyoming Statutes provide for three basic approaches to construction projects: competitive sealed bidding, competitive negotiation and noncompetitive negotiation, see W.S. 9-2-1016 (b).

Competitive sealed bidding for supplies and services exceeding $7,500 is the standard approach. Competitive negotiation is available when the administrator determines competitive sealed bidding is not feasible, and the governor or his designee also approves.

Previously, information on construction projects was provided through the Department of Administration and Information (A&I). However, in accordance with W.S. 16-6-1001 (a)(i)(E), reporting on capital construction has now shifted to the Construction Management Division of the State Construction Department.

Bid Information

The majority of state organizations post bid information using the Public Purchase system available through the Wyoming State Procurement Division, including Game & Fish, Department of Corrections, State Parks & Cultural Services, and the Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. Some state organizations post bid information on their own website or through , those are listed and linked below.

State Funded Educational Institutions

Note: Eastern Wyoming College, Northwestern College, Central Wyoming College, and the Northern Wyoming Community College District do not have dedicated procurement sites.

Wyoming Department of Transportation

Capital Construction Bid Exception Approvals

These tables provide yearly bid exception approvals for the following project categories: Capitol Renovation, General, Health Care Facilities, & Penitentiary. To view previous years, please click on the corresponding tabs below.

2019 Capital Cosntruction Bid Exception Approvals