Project Management

During the construction phase, SFD Project Managers work to ensure that the scope, cost, quality, and time requirements of the school district are met through the efficient planning and execution of project activities. Core responsibilities include:
  • Initial development of, and ongoing modifications of, district facility plans;
  • Routine monitoring of assigned district major maintenance expenditures, including monitoring of assigned district "1's" and "2's" to ensure major maintenance funding is being appropriately applied;
  • Initial development of project planning, attendance at design charettes, assisting in development of educational specifications;
  • Establish degree of oversight required by the department on individual  assigned projects and for assigned regional districts;
  • Exercising oversight over project planning, design and construction in collaboration with district personnel, professional designers, contractors, owner's representatives, etc.;
  • Negotiating, approving and denying change order requests and construction change directives;
  • Maintaining written/electronic records of facility plan modifications, decisions, communications, etc. The ability to refer to written or electronic  records of planning, design and construction, including decisions and communications is essential for successful and cost-effective oversight of school facilities needs in the state.
The goal of the Project Manager is to expedite and improve the efficiency of the construction process from start to completion.