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Wyoming statute requires the School Facilities Commission to meet at least once per quarter. However, the current Commission meets on a bi-monthly basis; with meetings taking place over a  two-day period.

The first day is an informal work session where Commissioners are briefed on 1) items that will require official action and 2) items that are only being presented for informational purposes. Then, on the second day, the Commission holds a formal business meeting to vote on various action items on the agenda.

2016 Commission Meeting Materials
(Dates/Locations are Subject to Change)

February 17-18

Minutes    Meeting Packet    Agendas    Press Release

April 20-21

May 18-19: Planning Session

Minutes    Agendas    Press Release

June 22

Minutes    Meeting Packet    Agendas    Press Release

July 6: Budget Workshop

Minutes    Meeting Packet    Agendas    Press Release     Budget Considerations Chart

August 17

August 29 (Special Meeting - Conference Call)

October 19-20

Minutes    Meeting Packet    Agendas    Press Release

December 12-13

Work Session & Business Meeting - Cheyenne
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